Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello 2013 ?.

Hi Guys !......

Am back but kind of busy with my current work. YES am again gainfully re-employed to share my experience with the rest of the World.

Maybe, when am not too busy, I would be able to pen down my thoughts. Right now, guess am just either to busy or lazy !!!!!.

Don't ask me what am doing for a living please. They call me the Caretaker, so don't ask me more OK. I take care of things hehehe........

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jihadism or Terrorism ?.

,,interesting subject issue raised by you about "jihadist" vs "terrorist" from the perception of western and muslim eyes. As a good muslim, all of us are direct/in-directly involved in our own hijad, in your case against corruption from the way I look at it. From me, I guess about inspirations to all malaysian but lets look a bit further on terrorism ...indeed, FORTUNATELY as for ideological war, they have very much diminished in recent years. What changed is the new term called "TERRORISM" has taken centre stage and a new role in war.
Terrorism is indeed the cancer of our modern world using primitive methods to instill fear to everyone. No state is immune to it.
,,,Similarly like cancer, unless properly treated drastically, its growth is inexorable, until it poison and engulfs the whole society on which it feeds and drags it together to final destruction.
,,,"Terrorism is said to be the deliberate and systematic murder, maiming and mancing of the innocent to inspire fear for political ends"... The usual apologia for terrorism is that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", which is perfectly true and perfectly irrelevant ; I would say, "MURDER is not justified by sticking a different label on it yaa !!"
,,,The political justification - the claim that the end justiflies the means - is a debate crucial for fighting terrorism, and unfortunately it has not been resolved as yet to-date.
,,,Also there are many differences between terrorist groups. Some seek out what they would consider as "enemy targets", usually military/police. A few take great pains to avoid killing innocent people but others deliberately choose civilians as their primary targets. By all counts, they are all terrorists, however many might misconstrue the situation. The very word terrorist itself comes from "TERROR" - shall I need to further explain ?. (o.k. lets dig deeper into these new hazards or what some calls war against terrorism b4 it spread its wings into our society at large).
,,,There are three basic broad bands or categories (in fact more so-lah) of independent terrorist movements in the world as it is ; those inspired by Political fervour or even Fascistism movements; those inspired by Nationalism or Ethnic grievances and finally those inspired by Religion or in most case so identified or called/termed by the existing western culture, i.e. "Islamic Jihadist". Maybe, If i can further add the fourth category is terrorism directed/supported by Governments in the latest term it justifies itself as WAR AGAINST TERRORISM by invading other nation or state !. Geeee.
AND finally but not the end as yet, a new treat from individual lunatics or self proclaimed revolutionist and they are by far worse than all the other types of terrorists as mentioned above. A growing numbers, if you care to read some of their crazy/lunatic comments in the internet nowadays.

In conclusion, we are all a Jihadist but not a Terrorist in our struggle for a better nation. ...BUT indeed, mr. BUSH was/is the biggest TERRORIST in the century from my eyes.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Get the balance right

,,,The military needs a Strategic Defence Review - very urgently now .  It’s also time for our defence chiefs - the head of the  Navy, Army and Air Force, to put the security of the nation before the interests of their own individual services and petty inter-service rivalries aside too.

The malaysian military is still effectively equipped kind of to fight a war against a conventional adversary - an event which is wholly unlikely to happen. Tomorrow’s threat will not come from strong nations as in the past, but internally from weak or failed government. Just watch the events surrounding us, as in Thailand and Philippines plus Burma.
,,,What is the use of heavy Challenger tanks, even if the Army wants them, against an enemy who lives and fights amongst a rural populace and whose "hearts and minds" we have to win?
,,,What use is the multi-billion ringgit  submarine fleet against such an enemy which attacks with hijack civilian airliners as demonstrated at the world trade centre ?
,,,Why having too many different types of fighter aircrafts now so sophisticated and complicated that at the moment it can’t even fly often enough due to high specialized maintenance contract costings or lacking in spare parts probably due to lack in budget fundings - all of which may have indeed restricted its ability to fly. Such poor planning and madness !.

,,,Previously as experienced in the fight against the CTs, our troops were being killed and injured by ambushes and booby traps because they are forced to travel by road rather than by air due to a shortage of transport helicopters.

,,,Ground troops will continue to face such potential hazards unless petty inter-service rivalries are killed off - hopefully this is the first step in the right direction.

,,,There is no suggestion that all of these conventional weapons should be scrapped but we must get the balance right.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stop the blame game please, MELAYU wake up.

,,,its not just about capitalist sytem etc etc and its flaws but i guess there is more to it.

,,,the basic feudalism of malay society is what needs addressing by the existing leadership i.e. the elite political putrarajas since they have kind of robbed that role from the malay sultan rajas.
...If the value system and ethical code needs changing then either these political leaders lead or its up to new leadership like the likes of you and many others to show the way by good examples.
,,, Such in a feudal society of ours, leadership plays indeed a BIG role. Its also about time that the islamic faith be properly interpreted to our malay brothers/sisters without fear or favor. Islam don't just belongs to the malays in this country too.
...Most unfortunately the present malay society indeed needs therapeutic diagnosis and assistence, such is the desperate situation in which most present malays find themselves but there is no one to turn too readily. So very unfortunately, they can easily be taken advantage of and dominated by dirty politicians and the likes.
,,,In actual fact, all of MALAYSIAN inter-racial society needs such a review, in the attempt to pinpoint our basic faults that must be corrected or adjusted to help progress forward for a better nation.
,,,In a nut shell, we just need high quality matured leadership with high morality and sincerity to lead us. Its not a MALAY problem but a MALAYSIAN subject issue to be REVIEWED honestly with the RIGHT POLITICAL WILL.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Transformation of our Malaysian Mindset.

...We Malaysian must all grow up and not be constrained by such talks on being
"conservative or liberal" plus by which political parties or side of the coin, worse still having bloody "RACE" to determine the Nation's policy, Education policy and whatsoever rubbish our darm politicians will vomit out !...lets grow out of this stupidity together.

...Don’t let the existing self centred politicians TALK DOWN to you all. Don’t let them tell us how bloody fortunate we are, that you/me/us are the future of the nation, etc. If you close-up your independent mindset and flow with their flattery you have unfortunately unknownly joined their gravy train, a rusty vehicle taking the nation down a dark sink hole. If they ever tell you the future is in your hands kindly request that they bloody hand across that future over first. Ask them how come the youngest member of our cabinet is way past 45 years old and is full of pea brains ?
...Mind you, in our early Tunku's Merdeka cabinet period, the average age was below thirty. YES indeed, the present groups of Malaysian is not the only generation to be bright. Mine too, during my days wasn’t too bloody stupid either yaa. But indeed the present Malaysian tak kira umur (regardless of age)could after the last fifty odd years to push this nation through a major transformation.
...And it is a TRANSFORMATION we need real desperate, and am not kidding here. The TIME is RIGHT for it.

...You/me/us will be told that much is expected of us Malaysian, much has been given to and so forth plus we must be FOREVER BLOODY greatful. This is all true kind of somehow fortunately or unfortunately. Actually much has also been stolen from all of us !!!!. Over the last twenty five years, much of the hard earned wealth generated by our productive people and our vast resources has been looted. This was supposed to have been ours to benefit for our children's future. The uncomplicated sense of belonging fully, wholeheartedly, unreservedly, to this country, in all it diversity, that has been taken from us. Our sense of ourselves as Malaysians, a free and united people, has been replaced by a tale of racial strife and crazy stupid resentment that continues to haunt us. The truth is, this tale is false and fabricated by them connish foxy racist politicians.

...The most precious thing our present generation have been deprived of has been our history. Being someone of the older generation, i still find it hard to describe what must seem like a completely different country to you now.
...Our beautiful Malaysia was not born in strife but in UNITY. Our independence was achieved through a collective demonstration of unity by the people in supporting a multiracial government led by late Tengku Abdul Rahman. That show of unity, demonstrated first through the municipal elections of 1952 and then through the Alliance’s landslide victory in the elections of 1955, showed that the people of Malaya were united in wanting their freedom. We bloody did totally surprised the British colonial masters, who thought we could not achieve this unity. UNITED we stand together and we sure bloody did it.

...UNFORTUNATELY, today we somehow no longer stand as totally united as we were then in the late fifties. We are also kind of less free too nowadays. Is this a bloody coincidence ?.
...Man, it only takes free spirited people to have the psychological strength to overcome the confines of a racialised mindset and over-view. It only takes free people to overcome those corrupted politicians, bent on hanging on to power gained by racializing every feature of our simple basic lifestyle including our critical econonic/education policies.
...Geeee !!!! fellow MALAYSIAN, PLEASE WAKE-UP lah and fight on as an matured individual for your freedom and our collective rights as true Malaysian.

...Am I asking too much here ?. OUR FREEDOM to be a true breed Malaysian together !.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just being meself last night....reborn again eerrmm.

...Guess it was some hours before dawn I woke up to find myself already in motion, pushing back the blanket from a semi sitting position, and then rising to my feet. Not too clear to myself when exactly i became conscious, nor does it seem relevant.
I stand across the bed naked - i sleep naked as always for the pleasurable sensation. The wrist watch shows three fifty and i have no idea what am doing out of bed; i don't need to relieve myself, nor was i disturbed by a dream or anything that happened on the day before, or any event of the world. It's as if, standing there naked in the darkness, i materialised out of nothing, fully developed or formed, unencumbered.
...I don't feel tired, despite the sweaty labours performed on the island, nor my conscience troubled by any recent case or event. In fact, am bloody alert and empty-headed plus inexplicably elated. With nothing in mind, no motivation at all, i move towards the lounge area and experience such ease and lightness that i thought i was dreaming or sleepwalking across. Fortunately, dreams don't interest me; that this should be real is a richer posibility and am entirely myself, am certain of it, and i know that sleep was behind me; to know the diffirence between it and waking, to know the boundaries, is the essence of sanity.
...the lounge area is large and uncluttered, as i walked across it with almost comic facility, the propect of the experience ending kind of saddens me briefly, then that thought was gone. I have actually stepped down the longhouse stairways to the beach front where i would normally be most of the time, feeling my skin tightens as the cold early morning air pours in around me, now with only a sarung which i must have automatically caught hold before leaving the bed room.
...i looked above me but don't immediately understand what am seeing, though i think i do. In the first moment, in my eagerness and curiosity, i assumes proportions on a planetary scale; it's a meteor burning out in the sky above, traversing left to right, low on the eastern horizon, though well clear of the island hilly slope.
...But surely meteors have a darting, needle like quality. Expecting to see them in a flash before their heat consumes them. But this was moving slowly, majestically even kind of. In that very instant, i revised my perpective outward to the scale of the solar system; this object is not thousands but millions of miles distance, far out in space swinging in timeless orbit around and across the universe. Eerrmmmm !!!! it's a comet, tinged with yellow, with its familiar bright core trailing its fiery envelope. indeed thrilled by the sight before the comet disappeared across the morning sky but its too extraordinary not to share !.
...i walked along the beach front to the jetty and back with Jane ensuring the craps are not blocking my way, before the first sunlight hits the eastern horizon on Kapas Island with me alone on the island but reborn to a new day.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bloody Malaysian Politicians

,,,eerrmm ! Should I use a cangkul as a spade too at times ..hahhha !!
,,,mind you, the fate of our beloved country in the short to medium term may end up as a failed state, if the politicians, political parties and NGOs of this country are not careful; not unless our nation-building projects is/are re-activated seriously and coldly too !.
,,,plus those who are currently involved in the heightening of tensions in the country ought to realise the cost of their stupid actions on the nation’s image and long-term prospects; and the eventual consequences should the "nation-building project" fail in this country...our "Malaysia".
,,,Our country - like every other country in this globalised world today - has to really fight/earn/creative for our future survival and we are not going to be given a another bloody chance by any body too. Its the reality of life and living.
,,,So, dear all fellow Malaysians we therefore have to unite or perish, together yaa !!. No question about it. Brotherly PEACE please by all of us true malaysian.
,,,to all our bloody Malaysian technocrats and politicians; please just leave stupid emotions outside politics and bloody well govern coldly and rationally. STOP the bloody blame game too. Just get to work and enough of playing crazy racialistic politics.

NOW dear GUYS, how to get this simple message across ?. We don't have to be "bloody" at it too yaa.